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John Clet Jones

Raised in the deserts of California and the mountains of Montana, John Clet Jones has always had a great appreciation for the outdoors. His interest in photography began while studying wildlife biology at the University of Montana. Upon graduation he worked as a backcountry ranger for the US Forest Service and later became a Smokejumper for the Bureau of Land Management in Alaska. While working in the outdoors, photography became increasingly more important to him as a medium to express the wonders of the natural world he was observing. He decided to increase his technical skills as a photographer by attending Brooks Institute of Photographic Arts and Science in Santa Barbara, California. After graduating from Brooks in 1983 he worked for several years as a commercial photographer in Seattle, Wa. Johnís focus and inspiration, however, have always been landscapes and nature photography. Using large and medium format cameras, John meticulously captures intimate detail in his images. His on-going series of photo art posters of National Parks are a result of this work. In addition to his National Park poster series, John's work has been published in numerous books and magazines including Time-Life Inc. He currently lives in a small town in Washington state with his wife and three children.

All original images were taken with medium or large format cameras which yield high detail in the final poster. Cameras used are Linhof Technika 4 X 5 inch format, Pentax 67, 6 X 7cm format and Fuji 617 Panoramic, 6 X 17cm format. Transparency film most used is Fuji Velvia. High quality optics include lenses by Schneider, Nikon, Rodenstock, Fuji and Pentax. Original transparencies are scanned on a Heidleberg Lino ChromaGraph S3400 Drum Scanner and calibrated on a Barco Monitor. Scanner, press and paper characteristics are matched on a LinoColor profile calibration system. Once poster files are composed with background, borders and graphics, negatives are imaged at 3600 dpi on an Agfa Avantra 44S with a Taipan level 3 postscript RIP. Posters are printed on a Heidleberg 28 X 40 inch six color press with aqueous tower coater. Paper used is 80 lb. Lustro Gloss Cover. All original images were taken with medium or large format.

4115 8th St. N.W.
Gig Harbor, WA 98335
Phone/FAX: (253) 851-9545